Saved by the Cross. Standing on the Word. Serving to the glory of God.

By the grace of God, that's what we are. But we'd rather not talk about us. It is Jesus Christ who died for the sins of the world. The Bible is where God speaks his Word of grace to you. And it is "from him, and through him, and to him" that everything exists (Romans 11:36). So at St. Mark, we want to be about Him.




St.Mark was founded in 1974 by a few families who were interested in having a Wisconsin Synod church located in the Salina area. While we have grown both in membership and in structure, our message remains the same: God’s love for the world is a gift for all people shown through Jesus Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. We are privileged to preach this gospel message and invite you to join us in hearing God’s Word, singing his praises, and uniting in fellowship throughout the week.


We welcome everyone to come worship and study the Bible with us throughout the week. No need to call ahead of time. No need to follow dress codes. No previous experience required. Please, come as you are. Call us or stop by with questions!



If you’re new to the Salina area or are just passing through, we’d be happy to show you around. St.Mark has been a part of the Salina community for the last 45 years and our members would be happy to tell you more about why we love it here.



St.Mark strives to balance the timeless worship practices created centuries before us and also incorporate new music, updated translations of the Bible, and current orders of worship each week when we gather together.


We are family.

What do people love most about St.Mark? We are a family. A family united by faith and a family that cares for one another.


Meet us here.

Our campus is easy to find! We’re on the northeast corner of Ohio & Magnolia in Salina.

Sunday worship: 10:00 am

Bible study & Sunday school: 11:30 am

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